What We Do


Pride and passion. Two simple words filled with meaning.  An unwavering belief in each other and proud of their integrated practice together, the original seven Partners of IDS led by example to strengthen their respected firm’s reputation.  Their pinpoint focus was on the successful integration of both architecture and engineering into creative and cost-effective client-centered solutions.

Now in our 18th year of sustained growth and remarkable work, there is a continuation of that strength in all Members of IDS.  Moving forward, our emphasis remains on wholly integrated solutions, with a spirit for the DESIGN aspect of our name.  From architectural to engineering answers, we’re all focused to pushing the limits, asking “What if…?” and working together to create the very best solutions for our clients.


Areas of Expertise:

Master planning, programming, architectural planning and design, space planning, facility condition analysis, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, lighting design, technology design, commissioning, energy modeling, sustainable design, LEED® consulting